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We all dread the day we receive that pesky electric bill in the mail, hesitating to open it for fear of the amount inside. According to Wallet Hub , the average energy bill in Texas is around $153 monthly. To some this may not seem like a great deal, but if you can save money, why not? We compiled a list of 10 easy, low budget ways to save at least 15% on your electric bill.

Seal Air Leaks with Weather Stripping. The first step to take to save energy is ensuring there are no air leaks in your windows or doors. Not only does this waste needed cool air or heat, but it can also add unnecessary charges to your bill. If you have leftover caulk or weather-stripping, start sealing those cracks! According to Energy.Gov , this could save you 5%-10% on your energy bill.

Check/Change Your Filters Regularly. This may go without saying for most of us, but for those who do not check their filters consistently, now is the time! Every other month or 4 times a year is what is recommended for changing home air filters. This is different for every home, so see what works best for you. There are some that say replacing the air filter monthly can be beneficial, however, unless you have severe allergies this is not necessary.

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It’s been more than four months since Hurricane Harvey, which destroyed several homes and businesses in Houston and surrounding areas. It is estimated that somewhere around 30,000 to 40,000 homes were seriously damaged from the unforgiving storm. Although most are in the remodeling process by now, it is a slow and often difficult one. Our hearts go out to each and every family affected by this monstrous storm. Here is some helpful advice to get our fellow Houstonians through it as quickly and easily as possible.


First things first, before starting ANY remodeling, most areas of Houston will require a city permit . This is to ensure that all electrical and other safety requirements are up to code. Our professionals at Wired can help you obtain a city permit, just let our administrative staff know that you will need one when you call.


Keep in mind that all electrical equipment in your home or commercial building is ruined. Only a licensed technician is capable of assessing and removing damaged electrical equipment. A full evaluation/estimate of the effected area is typically required before reconstruction can begin, especially for those with insurance claims. Do not just hire any electrician, make certain they are licensed and most importantly Insured . You’ve been through enough as is, so the less risk, the better. Our technicians are both licensed and insured for your protection.

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Many of us Houstonians often wonder what lighting is best, not only for our area, but in general to save us time, energy, and money. So which is better, LED or CFL? We gathered some information to weigh out the pros and cons of each.

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It’s that time of year again, and some of us have already overload a circuit breaker! Overloaded outlets are one of the top three causes of electrical fires every year. So, we compiled some helpful tips to avoid tripping a breaker in the future. Before we can discuss best practices for avoiding this, we first need to look at how and why this happens.

In an ever advancing world, we are constantly being introduced to more and more technology; most of which require electrical power . Let’s face it, many of us are guilty of overusing extension cords for our phone charger, tablet charger, lamps, or even devices like the new Google Home, all on the same circuit. Every one of these appliances use a specific amount of amperage, and it is best to research ahead of time to see how much they require as well as how much your circuits are designed to handle .Circuit breaker sizes vary between 15 to 6,000 amps, so it is crucial to know what size circuit breaker you have. Just as important, you need to know if the wiring is adequate for the breaker. Electrical wire cannot support the amount of power flow from a breaker of greater size, especially with outlets containing overused extension cords. The wire will overheat, resulting in a power short or even an electrical fire.

Now that we know what the causes are, let’s look at some preventive measures . One commonly asked question is if a 15 Amp plug can be used on a 20 Amp circuit . If there are multiple receptacles on a 20 Amp circuit, the receptacles can be either 15 or 20 Amp (aside from some exceptions). This will allow you to have multiple devices plugged in drawing less than 15 Amps each, but the total draw on the circuit may be greater than 15 Amps . To ensure your home’s safety, it is always best to match the correct sizes and amperage for your breaker. Most important, it’s beneficial to have a licensed technician handle it for you. There are many projects that can be DIY, however, electrical wiring is not .

If you have any questions regarding the proper circuit breaker size for your home, please give us a call and one of our experts will be happy to assist you! We want to make sure your home is protected from any potential hazard, especially an electrical one.
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Many people understand the inconvenience that comes with being without power; we rely on electricity for just about every facet of our daily lives, but few take the time to prepare for all the headaches power-loss can cause. Money lost on spoiled food, stereo and video equipment damaged during power surges, etc... these are all things that can be avoided by taking the right preventative steps. 

Having a generator installed in your home is key to an easy mind during any storm or power loss. However, each home is different, and must be assessed accordingly, so when looking for a generator for your home, you want to make sure it's the "right" fit. 

The most logical way to determine your needs is to envision your home without power. Some outages may be short in duration, while others could last for days or weeks. What would you like your living conditions to be? What are you most concerned about? What do you feel will be necessary to keep powered and what can you perhaps do without? While compiling your list and ideas, try and separate them into two lists, your wants and your necessities. Any estimator can supply you with a quote for installing a generator that will accommodate your basic necessities against a quote that provides you a generator allowing for a little more comfort. With detailed prices in front of you, it is always much easier to make a decision and find the generator that fits your home perfectly. 
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